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By Maagic Collins – Founder of “Fight the Funk” Comedy Show

First off, thank you for taking the time to consider hosting my show. 2019 is our inaugural year and the response we’ve been getting has been nothing short of amazing. I am grateful for every opportunity my team and I earn as we move forward with our mission to deliver quality stand-up comedy shows that focus on mental health.

The question I keep getting the most is, “Mental health … is it gonna be funny?’’ Definitely! We don’t want a room full of people crying and passing out tissue. This is stand-up comedy, we come to bring the laughs first and foremost. I have been a comedian/producer for eight years now, with about fifteen years in entertainment all together. Most of my accomplishments come from doing national commercials. It has been great to be a part of some truly special campaigns, working for companies such as IBM, NFL, Hyundai, McDonald’s, to name a few. With that said, nothing compares to the fulfillment of launching my own meaningful business. “Fight the Funk” has been in the works for about three years. A business that is near and dear to me and has come about rather organically.

How did I come up with the show?

The “Fight The Funk” comedy show comes from a dark period in my life. During my first three years in stand-up comedy, I was in a very self-destructive place. The worst part? No one knew it. I had been in that place for years. As I became more aware of it, I had no clue how to put it into words. How do you put words to pain that’s been impacted for years? Around 2014, the time Robin Williams passed, we heard that depression (and other factors) had led this funny comedic genius to take his own life. It scared me.

I am, by no means, as talented as Robin, but hearing how he was described struck a chord in me. I heard his loved ones describe him as talented, funny and kind … it was the same way I’ve heard my friends describe me. I spent most of my life making other people laugh without addressing my pain. At the time, I was hosting an open mic in Silver Lake. A very popular comedian was doing a set about depression, so I pulled him aside to speak more about it. I saw me in him, and through him I was finally able to ask for help. He gave me the info for this place called the Maple Counseling Center. I was signed up the next day. Life is a series of moments and choices. That moment changed my life. This show is my way to “pay it forward,” by providing a service of value to those who find themselves in the same places I was in, so many years ago.
The mission of our “Fight the Funk” comedy show and wellness event is to help create an environment of openness and respect for every individual’s personal journey with mental health.

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